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 CURRENT Research Projects

Development of advanced resource recyclable food supply system -「Development of New Plant Cultivars」
Strategic project- Development of advanced resource-recyclable food supply system supporting long-term stays on the moon, etc."

(Development of New Breeding Techniques using Plant Pollens) 
-研究成果最適展開支援プログラム  シーズ育成タイプ
2019 ~ 2023

(Development of Agricultural Bioresources Using Genome Editing Technique - Seedless Fruit Vegetables by Parthenocarpy) 
2019 ~ 2023

 Research Topics


Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds and Metabolic Engineering of Floricultural Plants

 花の香りは植物がつくり出す二次代謝産物で構成された多様な揮発成分のです。特に野生菊の花の香気成分分析と解析を行っています。固相マイクロ抽出法(Solid-Phase Micro Extraction)などを用いて芳香成分を抽出し、GC-MSを用いて様々な花卉植物の芳香成分における分析条件の最適化・成分解析などの研究を行っています。また、2次代謝産物に関る遺伝子の探索・機能解析の研究も行っています。得られた研究結果を園芸品種に適用し、 新品種の育種・開発するなど、花卉園芸への貢献を目指しています。

  Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are not only one of the important biological trait s for various plants but also considered an important factor affecting marketability of various horticultural plants. In order to improve such traits of horticultural plants, especially ornamental plants, we analyze scent components and other important volatile compounds using head-space techniques and so on.

植物の成長及び生育に係わる光環境の影響 (Quantum Phytology)

Photosynthetic Regulation on the Development and Growth of Floricultural Plants)

Light Environment is the one of key factors that regulates photosynthesis in the leaves of ornamental plants. Light Environment affects leaf variegation of many ornamental plants. In our laboratory, we try to identify genes involved in leaf variegation and how they are controlled according to the light intensity.

Quantum Phytology


in vitro Mass Propagation and Production of Wild Orchids


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